The Sisters Grim on Grieving Graciously

Welcome to our 10th episode! 🥳

We take a different turn from what a lot would typically expect from this podcast from last time’s chat with John. This, too can feel uncomfortable.

At first, we were unsure about how to approach the topic of grieving. When we were approached to talk about this, we asked ourselves of its significance to our current state. It dawned on us that all of us right now are going through a time of grief. May it be the upheaval of plans, travels on hold, careers suspended, & maybe even the loss of loved ones.

Susie & Renae have & are currently going through all of the above. What brings them here is to chat about losing someone dear to them due to a virus. In this case, Susie’s husband & Renae’s brother, Matt. This loss happened way before Covid-19. We thought it was fitting to talk about the process of remembering a life well-lived & how to take the days that come after.

It is inevitable to talk about the mourning & the legacy left behind. Most importantly, the sisters remind us of finding ways to get up & fight for the days ahead. They teach us the ways on how they’ve ridden the waves knowing that the highs come with the lows. Through sharing the process as a widow & a sister, they remind us that you are never alone weathering through a storm. Someone will always be there to get you towards
the bright days ahead. 

It was hard to contain the emotions during this talk to a point that we all got teary-eyed. Sit back & get cozy. This episode is all the feels. 

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