John Rutherford on Consistently Pushing the Boundaries of Comfort

We almost could not stop chatting with John. So we had to chop the chat into two.

This is the continuation of our conversation on what it took to see his goals through. 

You should listen to PART 1.

Today, John takes us through his journey of riding his custom-made bike that was designed for the US National Cycling team as a means to tick the Ironman World Championships box. The road to Kona (his only US Ironman) was adorned with near misses & injuries. 

He sure has hard-to-forget experiences of crashes. It is part of a day in the life of someone accustomed to being behind the cockpit of a bicycle or an F18 fighter jet. At one time hitting the cheese grater-like pavement in New Zealand, another floating in the middle of the sea after being ejected out of a plane. The value of consistency prevailed. This was key to eventually toeing the line with the fittest triathletes in the world.

What’s the next endeavour for this man after ticking off the Boston Marathon, Western States 100, Ironman World Championships, & a virtual Everesting attempt during this Pandemic? After he stopped breaking the speed of sound for a job, he hasn’t stopped pushing the barriers of his limits. Now you see why I want to be like John IF I grow up!

You have to listen to keep up. Promise there won’t be any deafening sonic booms.

The man & his machine at Kona’s bike check-in in 2017.

You can find John’s killer rides on Strava or on Instagram: @jjriv79

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-Linus & Michele

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