John Rutherford on Being Comfortably Uncomfortable

The need for speed?

We spoke with someone I (Linus) want to be “if” I grow up on this two-part podcast, John Rutherford IV.

This man is a husband of 15 years to an author, father to 2 boys, a Marine, former F-18 fighter pilot, US National Cycling Team member, 5-time Ironman (including 1 World Championships in Kona), & Western States sub-24-hour finisher (the Kona of ultra running). How’s that for a start?

Waaaaait, we’re not done yet. He speaks multiple languages you can count with your hand (4). He is also a diplomat who has traveled & lived in some of the world’s idyllic places. 

Relocating from one continent to the next, this man’s curiosity in pushing his limits will make you want to step up to being comfortable being uncomfortable. 

Part one of this episode takes us through John’s journey from almost becoming a professional cyclist, a Marine, fighter pilot, qualifying for the Boston Marathon, & eventually finishing the Western States 100-mi ultra marathon. He talks about how vital endurance sports played a role in his endeavours on top of balancing family & life as a diplomat.

Is this guy even for real? You have to hear it from the man himself.

You can find John’s killer rides on Strava or on Instagram: jjriv79.

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-Linus & Michele

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