Joe Pascua on Achieving Vitality & Getting Rid of Gray Hair!

Well, hello there! 👋

Happy (very belated!) 2021!

How are those resolutions going? Last year felt like a lifetime ago. We hope you’re breathing a more joyful (Covid-free) air in this new year.

We’re well-aware of the power of starting something new, especially in the new year. It is as if some magical spell has been cast among all of us as we voraciously chase those new goals. Only that, we fizzle out after barely a month in. The most common one revolves around exercise & dieting hence why today’s a reminder for you to keep going!

Diets! Oooof. That’s a popular one. They say don’t mind what you eat between Thanksgiving and Christmas, but be mindful of what you consume between Christmas and Thanksgiving. For us who grew up eating rice, quitting it is a challenging task! I (Linus) do not do diets. Michele has done so to a degree of success.

Today, we talk to Joe, who is essentially a health nut. The type who researches and reads a lot about the stuff that goes inside his body. You’ll hear about the journey he’s undertaken to regain his health and vitality through an active lifestyle that involves adopting a ketogenic diet. In this chat, Joe tells us the endless possibilities of doing this, including not having any gray hair anymore. 😱

Take note: we are not professionals in this field. This is an informative chat on anecdotal experiences by following the said regimen. All that’s said here should be taken with a grain of salt and pepper in the informative fun.

If you want to chat to Joe about how this can work for you, you can find him on Instagram: @jpascua_fit.

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-Linus & Michele

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