Survivor Jenny Guzon Bae

Jenny Guzon-Bae on Yoga & Surviving “Survivor”

Jenny grew up in the pursuit of physical activity. Since she was young, her interests have ranged from gymnastics to eventually becoming a gym rat later in life. As suggested by her husband, she started going to yoga and got hooked.

One day, she got a phone call about an opportunity to be in her favorite show. Thinking it was a prank, she ignored it until they insisted. After discussing with her family if it was the right time to do it, she booked the flight, had some interviews, and got screened by producers. Right after she was going to be in Survivor: Cook Islands.

Being on an island without your loved ones, trying to fend for yourself with the less than the bare necessities, and competing with many who are just as motivated to win a million dollars was one of the most challenging times she experienced. Needing to be grounded and centered, she went back to her yoga practice and discovered the inner focus to make it through.

In this episode, Jenny tells us her story of being a determined mom and a successful realtor to eventually becoming a yoga teacher. The sacrifices made and the contentment found from working a financially lucrative career to helping others discover their path to self-discovery with yoga. All these shifts have rewarded her by being a Lululemon Ambassador and eventually leading yoga retreats around the globe.

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