Erica Agran on Great Deals & The Big Deal That Has Shaped Her Lifestyle: Running

Erica’s love for searching great deals on everything led her to start a blog to share the great stuff she could find for runners and fitness enthusiasts alike. This inclination for writing and running makes her a self-professed “blogging runner.” 

She ran in high school and picked it up again after college as a means of losing weight. Inevitably, a marathon came into the horizon. A friend invited her to run her first, and a hilly one at that in San Francisco. She got the bug, and that eventually lead to over 400 running races, and 50+ of them are marathons. Twenty of those are the New York Marathon.

Today Erica tells us the beginnings of her running career by way of the East Coast, settling in the Midwest, and how it has blossomed into a passionate endeavour. Not just a means of stress release, but also an encompassing lifestyle that has made Erica help countless others discover its joys. 

You can find her running around the city & starting what will soon be running tours on: 

@ericafinds (FB) 

@EAgran (Twitter)

@ericaagran (IG)

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