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Valerie Beck 1 – All for the Sweet Love of Chocolate

Valerie Beck set out to leave a mark as a lawyer. Going to Harvard University in undergrad and graduate school, that path to corporate stardom was well paved. Practicing law in Europe and then the US was paramount. Until it dawned on her that writing fine prints was not how she intended to spend her life. Instead, “choosing health over work” was the way forward.

Brewing behind was an entrepreneurial itch that needed to be scratched. The idea came about after studying for a semester in Paris. Time was well-spent experiencing culture, seeing all the art and touring chocolate shops. Chocolate! It was an intuitive decision to share the sweet love for chocolate.

She started bringing friends along her jaunts around chocolate shops in Chicago. That was the inception of what became the original Chocolate Tours in the city. The popularity reached 3 other cities and needed 50 more people to keep the show running. 

After 10 years of sharing her love of chocolate, her business pivoted to educating others not just about its benefits, but also the ethical means on how cacao is harvested, and eventually become the bars we enjoy.

Chic, empathetic, and philanthropic are not enough to define Valerie’s zest for life. Her enthusiasm is contagious. Having a conversation with her makes you think about “working in alignment of your values.”

Sit back, grab a cup (of cocoa) and enjoy this uplifting talk about life and everything else chocolate.

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