Jennifer Lagman – On the Front Line & the Dance Floor

Jennifer comes from a family of health care workers. Raised in Chicago, she always had an inclination for the arts. She played the piano and aspired to be on Broadway. The calling to help those in need was so strong. She followed her parents’ footsteps to become a nurse. However, her interest in the performing arts never faded away. She auditioned for “Popstars,” a TV show searching for the next all-female group. She was only a few steps behind Nicole Scherzinger, the would-be leader of the Pussycat Dolls.

Her career has been spent caring for others. Eventually, she met her husband who opened her eyes to the world of triathlon. Admittedly not knowing how to swim, her being stubborn pushed her limits from doing short course races all the way to the Ironman distance. Life steered her away from racing, but it also pointed her back to dancing with her two kids.

In this episode, Jennifer tells us how she gracefully waltzes through life as a wife, mom, homeschool teacher, being an essential worker, battling a disease, and adding some dancing with her kids. All of that during the time of this pandemic! Impossible? Tell her she can’t do it and she’ll “shut you up and prove you wrong.”

You can see all the dance moves of J.La (plus Sacha & Sebby) on Instagram @jlagman, @theycallmesacha, & @theycallmesebby. As well as their pup Bailey & chickens Piper, Penelope, and Phiona.

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