Active Endeavours Episode 1

Pilot: Ready to Launch!

Welcome to our pilot episode! Whoever thought we’d eventually launch this?

We figured it was best to start this podcast talking about what we dread the most: us. It’s a bit ironic because we get to know and tell stories about others in the day jobs that we did before this pandemic. Jobs? The lack & loss of those are why we started this little passion project.

Michele and her husband Andy worked in healthcare & did photography on the side. Wanting to take full control of how they spend their time caring for their daughter, they dropped the predictability of their jobs provided & pursued going full time doing photography & videography. It has been the best decision ever! On top of her interests in doodling, singing, & playing the guitar, Michele started running, which lead her to do triathlons, too. Triathlon part is how they eventually met Linus.

Linus, on the other hand, moved to the US just right before the great recession. Another ironic time to search for greener pastures. Contrary to the paths his family has taken living & working in hospitals, he ended in hospitality. This became a good fit to his liking meeting & mingling with interesting acquaintances. Peer pressure got him into triathlons. The racing has greatly impacted his curiosity in how he travels the world, meets people, & perceives life.

It does come full circle that we who barely tell stories of ourselves want to learn & tell stories about you. Because other than the routines we were so used to, our other passions have kept us on track through the madness of this world. We hope that hearing about others’ interests will inspire you to take action and voraciously chase those endeavours, too.

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