The Party Must Go On

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Can you believe it’s the holiday season already? It’s the time of the year we all look forward to to unwind, catch up with friends, and hang out with family. Although this year has been an exception

We talk to three guys who give life to the party through music, DJs! Jeff took on DJ-ing as a hobby, from spinning at parties to weddings. Artie is a 2nd generation DJ. His dad may have been the first Filipino DJ in Chicago. Mike started as a rapper and became an audio engineer to MC & got his gear later on. If there’s one thing in common with these guys is that they love music and to party. The gathering of people, especially weddings, is one we’ve all been missing these months.

In this episode, they tell us how they have shared their passion for music despite not getting people together. Through the internet, they started playing tunes on Facebook Live & through Twitch. From that, Dance from Home DJs was born.

This virtual festival has grown into a community of DJs around the world. At the rate they’re going, the party never stops. It’s not just about partying but sharing a collective passion for music and community building.

Should you want to unwind & through a party in your living room with all your friends online, find them here:

Jeff: | | 

Artie: FB & IG: djwildcat; Twitch & Twitter: djwildcat3; Website:

Mike: IG mikerocka

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