Joe Pascua on Achieving Vitality & Getting Rid of Gray Hair!

Well, hello there! 👋 Happy (very belated!) 2021! How are those resolutions going? Last year felt like a lifetime ago. We hope you’re breathing a more joyful (Covid-free) air in this new year. We’re well-aware of the power of starting something new, especially in the new year. It is as if some magical spell has been cast among all of …

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The Sisters Grim on Grieving Graciously

Welcome to our 10th episode! 🥳 We take a different turn from what a lot would typically expect from this podcast from last time’s chat with John. This, too can feel uncomfortable. At first, we were unsure about how to approach the topic of grieving. When we were approached to talk about this, we asked ourselves of its significance to …

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John Rutherford on Being Comfortably Uncomfortable

The need for speed? We spoke with someone I (Linus) want to be “if” I grow up on this two-part podcast, John Rutherford IV. This man is a husband of 15 years to an author, father to 2 boys, a Marine, former F-18 fighter pilot, US National Cycling Team member, 5-time Ironman (including 1 World Championships in Kona), & Western …

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Erica Agran on Great Deals & The Big Deal That Has Shaped Her Lifestyle: Running

Erica’s love for searching great deals on everything led her to start a blog to share the great stuff she could find for runners and fitness enthusiasts alike. This inclination for writing and running makes her a self-professed “blogging runner.”  She ran in high school and picked it up again after college as a means of losing weight. Inevitably, a …

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Survivor Jenny Guzon Bae

Jenny Guzon-Bae on Yoga & Surviving “Survivor”

Jenny grew up in the pursuit of physical activity. Since she was young, her interests have ranged from gymnastics to eventually becoming a gym rat later in life. As suggested by her husband, she started going to yoga and got hooked. One day, she got a phone call about an opportunity to be in her favorite show. Thinking it was …

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Valerie Beck 2 – A Sweet Second (Chocolatey) Serving

WARNING: Should you listen to this episode & the prior one, have a cup of something warm & sweet like a cup of hot cocoa or any chocolatey treat.  If you haven’t listened to the past interviews yet, what in the world are you waiting for? Not another pandemic! Get them all here: Valerie Beck set out to leave a mark …

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Valerie Beck Podcast

Valerie Beck 1 – All for the Sweet Love of Chocolate

Valerie Beck set out to leave a mark as a lawyer. Going to Harvard University in undergrad and graduate school, that path to corporate stardom was well paved. Practicing law in Europe and then the US was paramount. Until it dawned on her that writing fine prints was not how she intended to spend her life. Instead, “choosing health over …

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Coach TJ Moran

TJ Moran – On Swimming, The Process, & Motivations

TJ Moran always had a passion for helping others. Growing up, he was always drawn to the water until he became a swim coach. However, it wasn’t a straight road through. A climbing accident brought him to reassess what he would do next. Unable to walk for months, being stubborn paved the way to recovery aided by his Labrador retriever, …

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Jennifer Lagman – On the Front Line & the Dance Floor

Jennifer comes from a family of health care workers. Raised in Chicago, she always had an inclination for the arts. She played the piano and aspired to be on Broadway. The calling to help those in need was so strong. She followed her parents’ footsteps to become a nurse. However, her interest in the performing arts never faded away. She …

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