We started this podcast as a little passion project based on an interest in telling stories. The work we once knew revolved around meeting interesting people. We thought everyone has a bigger story to tell other than their day jobs.


Many of our lives have been pretty shaken recently. We thought there lies something beyond the rigamarole of day jobs, obligations, and what the future we thought would be. We always found other ways to de-stress and express ourselves through a form of creative expression or activity. We aim to tell stories of how our extraordinary friends started pursuing their passions and eventually made a career out of them.


I am Michele: I am a first-generation Filipina, married to Andy, mommy of 1! I am a pharmacist by trade, practiced for 10 years, and after having my special needs daughter, my husband and I decided to leave the health field to take better care of her and we started our photo/video company. I am an endurance junkie!! I discovered the joy in running as an adult and literally hit the ground running. Four years later, my husband unknowingly signed me up for the Chicago triathlon, and I quickly had to learn how to swim. Since then, I have found so much joy in swimming, biking, and running and the camaraderie that comes along in doing triathlons. In my free time, I LOVE to make music by singing and playing my guitar and drawing.


I am Linus: later in my teenage years, I moved to the US in search of a good life. What came of it is something better. I come from a family of medical professionals who work in hospitals, but given the black sheep that I am, I landed in hospitality. I was always curious about meeting & interacting with fascinating people (like you) & doing anything unrelated to “work.” Eventually, it landed me to triathlons. Never have I thought about how that would fill my life in so many ways. The relationships built & connections over the years have been a big catalyst for me to actively chase a goal whether that be a finish line or a creative outlet.


Who would’ve thought it would take a pandemic to get this going?